There are several factors to consider before requisitioning a computer for a new hire:

  • Does the new hire have a desk? 
    The desk should be within reach of a power outlet and an ethernet port.
  • Laptop or desktop? 
    Determine whether the new hire will be mobile or working primarily in the office.
  • Which operating system? 
    The decision of which operating system to use should be predicated on the technology needs of the department, rather than the user's preference. 
  • Previously used computer? 
    If the new hire is taking over someone's existing computer, it is the supervisor's responsibility to determine what happens to the existing data. Action should be taken to transfer this data if necessary, otherwise risk the possibility of losing the data.
  • Software requests? 
    Every computer that is deployed comes with a standard suite of programs. IT will make every effort to fulfill special software requests provided we own the license. 
  • Ergonomic requests? 
    Ergonomic requests need to be submitted to Human Resources for review.