Follow these steps if you are having issues logging into the Lesley Intranet with Internet Explorer 11.

1.) Open Internet Explorer and navigate to

2.) Right click on the top of the window to display this message. Select Menu bar to display the menu bar.

3.) Click on the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings.

4.) If is not showing in the Add this website bar, add it in.  Click on the Add button.

5.) Once added you can press the Close button.

6.) Press the Gear icon in the upper right of the browser window. This will drop down a menu. Select Internet Options from this menu.
This menu will appear.

7.) Click on the Security tab, then the Custom level button.

This will open up a list of settings. In this list you want to scroll to the Miscellaneous section and find a setting called "Display Mixed Content"

8.) Select Enable.

9.) Select OK on the next 2 menus to close.

10.) You should be able to log into the Intranet.