Do you need to update your mailing address or phone number that is on file at Lesley?  Here's how!

Make your updates online:

  1. Log into myLesley -
  2. Press the arrow to the right of your name in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Choose Personal Information.
  5. Choose Edit Personal Information
  6. A message will come up - To update your information at Lesley, please log into the Lesley Intranet, then come back to this page and click on the link below.
  7. Click on the words Lesley Intranet in that sentence. The Intranet log-on page will open in a separate tab.  Once you have logged into the Intranet, click back to the myLesley tab.
  8. Click on the Online Forms to Update Personal Information tab.
  9. Click on the appropriate link based on your role in the University.

There are other ways to make the address or phone updates:

Students and Alumni

Address and phone number updates may also be made by sending an email to, or by mailing in a letter to the Registrar's Office, or by filling out the Change of Name and Address form [pdf], which can be faxed to 617.349.8717, or by calling 617.349.8740.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff (including Adjunct Faculty) can log into the Intranet and go to the Human Resources department. Under the HR Offerings on the left-hand side of the page, click on Employee Self-Service Portal. There will be a link to the secure site. There is also a link to training materials, FAQ's and instructions for first-time registration.