Collaborate is a web conferencing tool that will allows you to conduct live meetings online. Typical uses of web conferencing include training, guest speakers, group planning meetings and class sessions.

Attention Mac users (OS 10.8.4+): 

In order to run Collaborate sessions on a Macintosh running OS 10.8.4 or above, you will need to download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. For more information about the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher, please visit the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher FAQ.

Check System Requirements

Go to the First Time Users Page to check your system requirements and ensure you can join a Colloborate web conference. You can also join the Configuration Room to test your settings and audio. 

Recorded Orientation

View the Recorded Orientation to Collaborate to get a quick overview of its features. Then you may wish to view the Introduction to Collaborate (4 minute recorded webinar) to see Collaborate in action.  

Getting Started for Participants Quick Reference Guide 

Download the Getting Started for Participants Quick Reference Guide (PDF) to use as a guide to Collaborate's interface while in a webinar. 

Collaborate Overview for Moderators/Faculty

See Essentials for Moderators and get introduced to the presenter and moderator features in Collaborate, Download the Web Conferencing Event Guidelines to help you prepare for your webinar. 

Troubleshooting FAQ’s 

Having issues accessing a webinar or using the tools within. Visit our Troubleshooting page for potential solutions and workarounds.


For complete information on Collaborate accessibility, see the Accessibility Guide or download the Accessibility PDF.


The Telephony feature in Blackboard Collaborate enables you to conduct your audio communications with other session attendees via a combination of VoIP and telephone conferencing, while continuing to use your computer for all other session features (or to just participate in the audio portion of the meeting).  

See Telephony Quick Reference Guide for Moderators and Telephony Quick Reference Guide for Participants for more information. 

Scheduling a Webinar in myLesley (Faculty)

You can schedule and host your own web conferences in your myLesley course site. See the Scheduling a Webinar in myLesley Quick Start Guide  for the basic setup and view Scheduling a Web Conference in Blackboard – Full Guide for the complete information. 

Comparison of Online Meeting Tools

Check out this brief comparison of a few popular online meeting tools. These tools are constantly changing and being updated so be sure to check the software's website for the most up to date information.