Archive Your Collaborate Webinar Recordings 
The university has a limited amount of online storage available for 
webinar recordings and recordings are removed as part of the Course LifeCycle Policy after 2 years. You may however archive your webinar offline for future use. 


There are two ways to archive a Collaborate webinar. 


Convert and Download an MP4 Video

  • Very easy
  • Done directly in myLesley with no additional tools required
  • Can easily be uploaded to another myLesley course using Kaltura Media
  • Includes all audio, whiteboard, application sharing and media content in webinar, but does not include webcam and text chat content.   


Use Publish Archiving Software

  • Slightly more complicated
  • Requires downloading and installing free Publish software 
  • Many options for converting recordings to share full recording or video versions. 

To Convert and Download an MP4 Video: 

1. Click Tools in the course menu of your course. 

2. Click Blackboard Collaborate

3. Click Recordings. If your recording is more than 30 days old, enter a new Start Date prior to the recording date and click Go


4. After locating the recording you wish to archive, click Convert in the Video (MP4) column. 


You will receive a message that the file is converting and the Video (MP4) column will have a status of "Converting" until the process is complete. This can take quite a while depending you how long your recording is. You may wish to start the process and check back later that day or the next.  


6. Once the conversion is complete, the "Converting" status will change to a Play button. Click on the Play button to access the mp4 video file. 

7. Hover your mouse over the video player area and then click Download


 Publish Archiving Software

The Publish software allows you to convert web conferencing session recordings to a variety of formats to meet differing needs and store them offline. Download the Publish Archiving Software 

View Introduction to Collaborate Publish (3 minute recorded webinar) for a quick overview on how to use Publish. Also see the Collaborate Publish User's Guide for more detailed information.