Webspiration Classroom Overview 

Webspiration Classroomis a web-based diagramming, mapping and outlining service designed to help students brainstorm, plan, organize and write. View the introduction video for more information. 

Webspiration Quick Start Guide 
This quick start guide will show you how to get started with Webspiration in less than 20 steps.

Getting Started with Collaboration 
View the 
collaboration instructions to get started inviting collaborators, making comments and creating group projects. 

See these documents for more information on Webspiration assignments. 

Getting Started with Assignments (Teachers) 

Getting Started with Assignments (Students)

Common Core State Standards Matches 

Improve student performance and meet curriculum standards with the visual thinking and learning tools in Webspiration Classroom. Discover how with standards matches that show the ways Webspiration Classroom supports the new Common Core State Standards.

Webspiration Training Videos 
View all the 
Webspiration Training Videos at the Webspiration Help Center