Please note that the VoiceThread integration with myLesley will be discontinued as of January 2018.

Trying to use both the myLesley integration and the portal has resulted in some oddities and quirky behavior. Since the integration tool is far more limited than the full portal, we are turning off the myLesley integration in January and advising everyone to switch to the VoiceThread portal 

Please contact with any questions.

Creating a VoiceThread Link

Setting up Your VoiceThread Link

Individual VoiceThread

Link to your VoiceThread Homepage

VoiceThread Assignments

Submitting a VoiceThread Assignments

VoiceThread has been integrated into myLesley, allowing you to access the tool from directly within your course. You may choose to link to create a link to the VoiceThread home page, a link to a VoiceThread course group, a link to a specific VoiceThread, or create a VoiceThread assignment. For more information, please watch the Overview Video.

Creating a VoiceThread Link

The first step is to add VoiceThread to your course. This will create a link in your course to VoiceThread. Once you have created your link, you will be able to decide what you want students to see when they click on that link. 

Go to the Build Content menu and select VoiceThread Integration

Enter a name for your VoiceThread integration.

Go back into your content area and click the VoiceThread link you just created. You will now be prompted to set up your VoiceThread link type.

Setting Up Your VoiceThread Link

Now that you have added VoiceThread to your course, you will be able to decide what students will see when they click the link. You may link them to the Course View, an Individual VoiceThread, the VoiceThread Home Page, or a VoiceThread Assignment. Please note that the Assignment Builder only appears as an option if you have selected the grading option.

For a video overview of the options, please view the VoiceThread in Your LMS Video.

Course View

The course view allows you to display the collection of VoiceThreads that have been shared with your course. 

Click the Course View button

You will be brought into your course view. When students click this link they will also be brought into the course group.

Here, you can see all of the VoiceThreads shared with the course group.

Individual VoiceThread

The Individual VoiceThread displays any VoiceThread that you have created. 

Click on the Individual VT button

You will then be prompted to select a VoiceThread to display or create a new VoiceThread. 

Select your VoiceThread and click the Share with Class button.

You will see a confirmation that your VoiceThread has been shared and you will have the option to view the VoiceThread.

When students click the link they will see the VoiceThread you have shared.

The Link to the VoiceThread Home Page will display all of the student's VoiceThread content in a single view, including all VoiceThreads they have created and that have been shared with them.

Click the VT Home button

You will be brought to your VoiceThread home page. When students click this link they will be brought into their individual VoiceThread home page.

VoiceThread Assignments

The VoiceThread Assignment builder allows you to create a graded assignment for students to complete. You may require them to create a new VoiceThread, view a VoiceThread you have created, or comment on a VoiceThread. This will be linked to the Grade Center. Please note that the Assignment Builder only appears as an option if you have selected the grading option when creating your VoiceThread link.


After you’ve selected the type of assignment you’d like to create, you’ll be walked through the steps to complete the setup process. 

See Setting up Your VoiceThread Link for more information on the link types and their options.

Submitting a VoiceThread Assignment

When students click on the link for a VoiceThread assignment, they will be brought to the assignment you've created. Once they have completed their assignment and click on the “Submit Assignment” button, you will be able to grade their work. Instructions for students submitting VoiceThread assignments may be found here: Assignment Submission Guide.

Grading a VoiceThread Assignment

When you’re ready to grade a VoiceThread assignment, return to your course and click on the VoiceThread link again. This will display the grader. Please note that submitted VoiceThread assignments do not show up in the “Needs Grading” area of the Grade Center.

Click on a student’s name on the right to see that student’s submission. You can click on each comment below his or her name individually to jump directly to it. Enter a grade on a percentage scale (0-100), and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. This grade will immediately be entered into your Blackboard course gradebook. Please note that you have set the assignment to be worth less than 100 points, still grade it on a scale of 0-100, and the score will be adjusted accordingly in your gradebook.