When an assignment is created, a column is automatically added to the Grade Center where the instructor can review submissions, assign grades, and provide feedback. For more information on creating Assignments, see Creating and Managing Assignments in myLesley.

To begin, go to the Control Panel and select Grade Center.  To see all assignments awaiting grades, select Needs Grading.

You will be brought to the Needs Grading area. Here, you will see all items awaiting grades. To begin grading, select Grade All (to begin grading all items in the order in which they appear in the Needs Grading area) or select an individual submission.

On the Grade Assignment page you can view your student's submission, provide comments and annotations directly on the submission, enter a grade, and provide feedback.

You will only be able to use the comment and annotation features on certain types of files including documents (doc, docx), presentations (ppt, pptx), spreadsheets (xls, xlsx), and PDFs. Original formatting and any embedded images will be preserved. Other file formats (including image files, video files, etc.) will need to be downloaded.

Please note that annotation sessions will expire after one hour. After the limit has expired, annotations may not be saved.

For more information on grading assignments, please see Assignment Inline Grading or view the tutorial video below: