The Kaltura Screen Recorder allows you to record your screen and create a screencast. You may use a screencast to demo an application or process or create a tour of your myLesley course a website.

Note: The Katura Screen Recorder requires an updated version of the Java plug-in in order to run. To ensure that your system is up-to-date, please verify your Java version.

There are two ways to access Kaltura Media:
1) Go to the Build Content menu and click Kaltura Media


2) Click on Mashups in the text editor and select Kaltura Media.


The My Media window will open. Click Add New in the top right and select Screen Recording.

Click Launch the screen recorder.

Click Allow to let your browser run the screen recorder applet. The Allow button is usually at the top of the browser window, but the exact location may vary depending on your browser and its version. The image below is from Firefox v.37. Please be aware that the screen recorder does not work in Chrome. 

Next, click Allow and Remember.

Click Close to return to the My Media page. 

A message will appear saying the recorder is loading. This may take a minute or two depending on your computer. 

Finally, click Run to launch the screen recorder. 

The screen recorder interface will then launch. Go to the application you wish to record and position your content inside the dotted rectangle. 

Drag the square handles at the sides and corners to resize the recording frame as needed. Everything within the dotted rectangle will be recorded. 

Click the red Record button to begin recording. 

Click Pause to pause the recording and click Done when you are finished. 

Add a Title and click Upload

Add an optional Description, Tags or other information and click Save