If you don't receive emails that you think you should have received, such as emails from your course in myLesley (Blackboard), then you can check your spam quarantine folder to find out if your emails are being blocked.  The quarantine folder holds your email for 15 days, then the email(s) are deleted and are not retrievable. You have the option of releasing the email to your mailbox, or to release the email and report it as not junk so that the emails are not held in the future.  This article tells you how to access the quarantine folder, search for emails, release the emails or release and mark the emails as not junk if they are emails from a sender that you want to receive in the future.

Accessing your spam-quarantined messages

1. Go to https://admin.protection.outlook.com/quarantine.

2. Log in with your Lesley email credentials. You will be directed to the end user spam quarantine folder.  If you click on one of the emails, you will see that the email has not yet been released to your email, as in the example below.

3. You can view the entire list, or you can search for specific messages by sorting by any of the columns - Sender, Subject or Received. You also can do an Advanced search.

Doing an advanced search

1. Click on the Advanced search icon.

2. The advanced search window will open. You can search by any combination of the following conditions.

3. When you've entered the search parameters, click OK to start running the search.

Releasing a message and optionally reporting it as "Not junk"

1. Select a message, then click on the Release Message icon.

2. Choose one of the following options.

  • Release message will simply release the message to your inbox.

  • Release message and report as not junk will release the message to your inbox and report it as not junk to the Microsoft Spam Analysis Team so that the email won't be quarantined in the future.

3. If you click the Refresh icon, and then double-click the message, you should see that the message has been released to your inbox.