Turning Clutter on

  • 1.Log into your Office 365 email at http://www.lesley.edu/email.
  • 2.Click on the Settings icon (the little gear), and then choose Mail from the My app settings menu.
  • 3. Under the Automatic processing section, choose Clutter to open the Clutter window, then click on the box before the Separate items identified as clutter field.

  • 4. Another field called Send me notifications about messages that are separated by clutter will appear. You can choose to un-click that box, unless you want to receive all those notifications.  Press Save when you are done.

  • 5. Press the arrow to the left of Options to get back to your email.

  • Turning Clutter off

  • You can turn the Clutter function off by un-checking the box in front of the Separate items identified as clutter field (See #3) and pressing the Save icon.