If you have used your Lesley phone to call an external number, and are prompted to input a digit to answer a question, such as "Press 1 for Spanish", you might have noticed that just pressing the number 1 doesn't work. First, you must enable your phone to send touch tones. Once you've enabled your phone to do so, you'll be able to press your Send Touch Tones key (or it might be called Send Additional Digits) once you're connected, and any digits that you press will work.

Initial Enabling

1. Press the Program key (letter A in diagram below).

2. Press the Send Touch Tones key (letter B below). This key could also be marked as Send Additional Digits key.

3. Press the Clear key (letter C below).

4. Press the button (letter D below).

5. Press the Send Touch Tones key (letter B below) again.

6. Press the Program key (letter A below) again.

Using the Send Touch Tones key

1. Dial the external number that you wish to call.

2. When your phone call has been connected, press the Send Touch Tones button.

3. If you are prompted to enter any digits, you will be able to do so.