Setting up 2-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your Office 365 account.  The 2-step process means that you will sign in with your password, and a code will be sent to your phone (or wherever you choose to have the code sent).  First, however, you have to set up your account to use the 2-step process.

1. Sign into Office 365 with your work or school account with your password like you usually do.  

2.  After you choose Sign In, you'll see the following page. Click on the Set it up now button.

3. This window will pop up. 

Choosing for authentication by cell phone

1. Choose Authentication phone by clicking on the drop-down arrow and clicking on your choice.

2. Select your country or region and then fill in the phone number (without the 1 and without spaces or dashes). Choose to have a code sent to you, or to receive a call.

3. When you receive the text, enter the verification code in the indicated field, then press the Verify button.

4.  Click the Done button on the window that pops up.  Please note that you will have to create app passwords for some applications, such as Outlook, Apple Mail and Microsoft Office. Click here for more instructions.

 5. The next time you sign into Office 365, you'll be prompted to enter the code that is sent to you. Enter your code and press the Sign in button.