An app password is a code that allows an app or device to access your Office 365 account, if your administrators have set up 2-step verification for your account.  For example, if you're using the Outlook application on your computer, you'll need to create an app password to access Outlook. You should only use one app password per device, not per application. For example, you can create an app password for your phone, your tablet, your laptop, etc.

1. Sign in to your Office 365 account and click on the Settings gear icon.

2. Choose Office 365 settings. If you are in email, choose Office 365 under the Your app settings.

3. Choose Security & privacy from the menu on the left-hand side of the window, then choose Additional security verification.

4. Click on the Update your phone numbers used for account security link.

5. Click on App Passwords at the top of the page.

6. Press the create button to get an app password. 

7. Name the password, then click on the next button.

8. Your password will come up. You can press the copy password to clipboard button, then press the close button. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not accessing Office 365 from the device where you wish to paste the password, you MUST WRITE the password down. Once you close the window, you won't be able to see the password again, so writing it down until you can enter it in your app is necessary! If you generated the app from your computer, and are using it for the Outlook application on that same computer, you can just paste the password when needed.