We are currently experiencing issues playing Kaltura videos in myLesley. At this time, Kaltura video content will only play for the creator of the video, i.e. the person who uploaded the video to Kaltura. We are working with both Blackboard and Kaltura to resolve this issue.   

In the meantime, one of our recommended workarounds is to add the Kaltura video to your course via iFrame. Please note that this workaround only applies to videos you own (not videos for which you have publishing rights). This workaround also does not work for students. For students, we recommend adding your Kaltura video to VoiceThread and sharing the VoiceThread with your course.

To begin, access your Kaltura My Media. 

Go to your myLesley Home tab, locate the Lesley Services module, and click on My Media 


 This will bring you to your My Media. Locate the video you wish to share and click on it to open. 


This will open your video. Click on the Share button below your video.