Browser Support

We currently recommend  the use of Internet Explorer within Windows and Safari within OSX, for accessing our vpn platform.

Connecting to VPN

In order to connect to our vpn platform, please open one of the aforementioned browsers and visit  If you have been granted vpn access, you will be able to login using your Lesley credentials (Same as your email credentials).

VPN Homepage

Below you will see an example of the VPN homepage.

Under the Web section, you will see links to any web resources that you have been granted access to over VPN.  Likewise, under the Files section, you will see any file shares that you have been granted access to over VPN.  Please note that having access to a file share on campus does not imply that you have been granted VPN access to that file share. 

Accessing Colleague

If you have been granted Colleague access over vpn, you will see the various Colleague links listed in the Web section of the homepage.  

Please note that Colleague UI 4.5 requires Silverlight be to installed on your computer.  If after loading a Colleague UI 4.5 link you see a page similar to the one below, it means that there is an issue with Silverlight.  In that case, please follow our guide to install Silverlight, which can be found at

If after re-installing Silverlight, the issue is not resolved, please open a ticket with our Help Desk.