If you get locked out of your Windows computer due to entering an invalid password multiple times, your account will be locked.  If you have already created your profile, you can unlock your account at the myPassword page from another computer, or wait 30 minutes and try again.  You can also call the IT Help Center at 617-349-8770 and ask them to reset your password to the default. 


If you have the password set to the default, you must change it right away at the myPassword page.  The default password will only be good for the login process of getting into your machine, and will then expire. 

If you give the wrong answer to your profile questions or enter your existing password incorrectly a number of times at the myPassword site, you'll be locked out of the site for 15 minutes.  When the 15 minute lockout period has expired, you may access the myPassword site again.



1.  Go to https://mp.lesley.edu

2. Click on Unlock my Account.

3. Enter your username (do not include the @lesley.edu portion of your username) and press the Submit button. 

4. You will be prompted to fill in the answers to the profile questions you chose.  These questions will come up one at a time.  Once you have filled in the answer, press the Continue button.

5. Once you've correctly answered the profile questions, you will be brought to the Unlock your account page.

6. If you know your password, you can click on Unlock my Account found near the bottom of the page. 

7. When you press Unlock my Account the following page will appear.


8. You can press the Return to Main Menu now button to return to the main menu.

9. If you don't know your password, you can press Return to Main Menu now, and then press Reset myPassword to either have the system generate a new password, or choose a new password yourself.  Your account will be unlocked when you reset your password.  For complete directions on how to reset your password, please click on this Resetting Your Password at the myPassword Page link