There are two unique wireless networks available:

  • lesley_open: This is the standard wireless network for casual use. You will need a valid Lesley University username and password to access this network. (See below for information on guest access.) When you first log in, your username and password are encrypted, but most other information will pass unsecured across the network, in plain text. Please read the Privacy & Security section of this document for more information.
  • lesley_secured: This network provides a higher degree of security and requires an additional network key/password for access (you must be accessing the internet from on campus to get the key.) If there is a chance you may be passing information that you would like to keep private, you should use this network. It also provides faculty and staff the same level of access that they have from their wired desktop location. Click here to get the lesley_secured network key/password.

Casual Usage

The wireless network should be considered as an enhancement to the Lesley network and not a replacement for the wired network. Although the wireless network provides nearly the same experience as the wired network, the nature of the technology means it is prone to minor interruptions and slow downs. There may be differences in how an application or website performs on the wireless network as compared to the hard wired connection in your office, classroom, or residence hall. To help performance some applications such as peer-to-peer music and file sharing are not supported on the wireless network. The wireless network does not provide the same security and performance as the wired network.