By its very nature, a wireless network is not as private and secure as the wired network we have in our offices, labs, and residence halls. The information you send across the wireless network travels through the air as radio waves and may be intercepted by anyone with the right tools.

Information Technology has taken measures to ensure a reasonable level of security and provide some privacy without making it difficult to use the wireless network. However, it is still up to each individual to protect themselves and their personal information.

To protect your privacy, we suggest you do not use the network to pass personal information. After you register on the network, you should avoid sending any other login names and passwords and you should avoid conducting any personal business such as banking.

Faculty and staff are responsible for the secure handling of any protected information relating to students or University business. Please avoid using the wireless network to send sensitive information by email, and do not use Lesley's online information services (LOIS) or Colleague while on the unencrypted lesley_wireless network. To get the password for the lesley_secured wireless network, click here to get the link.