In order to use your gaming or streaming device, you must have the device registered on the our network.  We support device registration for both wired and wireless devices, however if your device has the option of both wired and wireless, you must register the device on the wired network.  Some Wireless only devices have compatible ethernet dongles that can be purchased separately.  We strongly encourage the use of these adapters, as the wired connection will offer much greater performance and an overall better experience than with wireless.

We allow the following device types to be registered.  Note that while we allow registration for these devices, we can offer little to no support if the device does not function as intended.

-Streaming Devices

-Gaming Systems

-Smart Tv's

-Amazon Echo

-Google Home

We DO NOT allow any of the following device types to be registered:

-Wired/Wireless Network Routers

-Network Switches

-Wireless Access Points

-Wireless Printers


To register your device, you need to send an email to from your Lesley email address with the subject line Self Registration.  It is vital that you put the following information in the email to make sure that your system gets registered:


  • Username
  • The Type of Device
  • Mac Address of the Device - Wired MAC address if available, otherwise Wireless
  • The Residence Hall 
  • Room Number
  • Network Jack number 

If you cannot find your MAC address, there are instructions for a limited number of devices Here

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Help Desk at 617-349-8770, or email