The eLis departments provides students and faculty with two media stations allowing for various uses such as conversation, editing copying and rendering of photo, video and audio files. If you choose to use our media stations, please plan ahead as photo, video and audio editing projects may require several hours to complete.

eLIS' media production facilities allow you to: 

  • Record and edit audio (time commitment is approximately double the length of audio recording)
  • Edit video (Depending on the extent of the project, video editing can take several hours)
  • Add video or sound to projects (approx. 1 hour)
  • Transfer videos from MiniDV tape, VHS tape, or DVD to digital computer file or DVD (copyright permitting) (approx. 30 min to 3 hours depending on media used)
  • Convert digital computer files to various formats (approx. 30min to 1 hour)
  • Download and save or upload digital files (approx. 30min)
  • Create and burn DVDs or CDs and make multiple copies (of non-commercial media) (approx. 15min per 6 simultaneous copying)
  • Create and edit digital images (scanning and printing are available in the computer labs) (varies depending on project size and need)

If you anticipate needing someone to show you how to perform one of the above processes, please email in advance to schedule an appointment. The eLIS media station is available on a first-come basis in University Hall Room 3-048. 

Software available on eLIS multimedia production station: 
  • Video Editing: iMovie, QuickTime, FlipShare, Premiere Elements 
  • Audio Editing: GarageBand 
  • Image Editing: Photoshop Elements, iPhoto, Preview 
  • Presentation: PowerPoint 
  • File Conversion: Toast, AVC Anywhere Video Converter

For training videos of the above software please click here