Topics in this article include:

Access Your Profile

Create Your Profile and MyEdu

Change Profile Photo

Update Your Profile Information

Privacy Options

You can now create a profile in myLesley to share with your classmates and instructors. Your profile may include a photo of yourself, how you would like your name displayed and a little information about yourself such as what you are studying. Profile photos can be viewed next to your posts on the discussion board allowing you to better connect with your classmates and colleagues.


Access Your Profile

Login to myLesley. Select the gray profile icon in the upper right corner.

Then click on the profile icon in the menu. 

Create Your Profile

If you have not yet created a profile, Blackboard will prompt you to enter an email address. 

In the Primary Email Address window, enter your Lesley email address

You will then be prompted to connect to your MyEdu profile. If you do not have one you will be prompted to create one.

Fill in the information to populate your profile. Be sure to include that your institution is Lesley University. Click Save to save your changes.

Change Your Profile Photo

To add or change your profile picture, click Settings & Privacy. Then click Change Picture.

Click on the Upload New box. Then select a .gif, .png or .jpg image file from your computer. Be sure to choose an image that is 50 x 50 pixels.

Update your profile information

Change how your name is displayed and include a brief description of yourself to share with your classmates.

You may also add or change your primary email address.

Privacy Options

You may change the privacy options on your profile to restrict who can see your profile information.

  • Hidden: No users can find and view your profile information. 
  • My Institution: Anyone at Lesley can find and view you on the People page.
  • All Institutions: Anyone with a Blackboard profile can find and view you on the People page.
  • Public: Anyone with a Blackboard profile can find and view you on the People page. This will also create a Google profile that is optimized for search engines so others can find you on the web.

More information on setting up your myLesley profile may be found here: Profile.