Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) has a wide range of video tutorials that provide software training to Lesley faculty, staff and students. You can now curate a playlist of tutorials and add them directly in your myLesley course. View the steps below to get started.

Create Hoonuit Video Tutorial Playlist

1. Navigate to the location in your myLesley course where you would like to add the tutorials.

2. Click Build Content and select Atomic Learning in the Mashups section.

3. Enter a Name for your tutorials and an optional Description.

4. Click Submit and Select Training to begin creating your video playlist.

5. In the new window that opens, select the video tutorials you would like your students to view by clicking in the box next to it or click 'Check All' to select the entire series of videos.

6. Click Preview Selections to review your playlist.

7. Click Submit to save your playlist and add it to your course.

8. Click Close windowYour training playlist will be available at the bottom of the content area you added it to.