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The Employee Leave From Campus (LFC) from will allow you - the end user - to enter leave time that was taken in the prior month. This is not to be used for future leave time.

This system is intended to be used by individuals who are employees of the University with at least one of the active leave plans listed below:

  • Personal time
  • Sick time
  • Vacation time

Also, additional leave plans have been added to each employee’s record to facilitate the LFC reporting. The additional (new) plans are listed below:

  • Jury duty, which is used to report any time away from work that was for state or federal jury duty. A copy of the jury duty summons should be given to your supervisor.
  • Bereavement, which is used to report any time away from work that was due to a death of a family member or relative. Please check HR policies for clarification.
  • No Time Taken, which is used to report if you did not take any time off for the month. You should not be entering any leave information if you are selecting this plan.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Human Resources at hr@lesley.edu, or by calling 617-349-8787.


Accessing the LFC form

Information on the form

Entering leave information

Reporting no time taken

Canceling an entry

Leave from campus employee inquiry

Approving leave entries

Leave from campus approver inquiry

Accessing the form

1. Log into LOIS at http://www.lesley.edu/lois.

2. After you log in, click on the Employee button.

3. Under the Employee Profile section, click on the Leave from Campus Entry link.

Information on the form

The greeting section gives an overview about the form.


The user information section includes the Colleague ID number, the month for which the leave entry is being entered, and the person's department and job title information.

The current leave summary section shows the rate of accrual for the leave plans, the number of hours carried over from the previous year, if applicable, how many hours were used, and how many hours are currently available.

The monthly grid for entering leave information section includes each day of the month, including weekends.  There are columns for the leave type, the amount of hours used, the status of the entry, a comment section, and the option to cancel a leave entry.

Please note:  You cannot cancel a leave record that has already been approved. See the Entering/Reporting Leave section for more information.


The submit to leave approver/supervisor for final approval section is where you either submit your leave hours to be approved, or save the leave hours you have entered, but do not wish to send for approval yet.  If you have entered your leave hours, and want to have the hours approved, you would choose Yes.  If you want to save what you've entered, but are waiting to enter additional information before you send the report to your supervisor, you choose No, and then Submit...or just choose Submit. You will receive notification emails from HR showing what you entered, and/or what you submitted - or didn't submit - to your supervisor.

Sample email notifications:

A. Entered leave hours by choosing No and Submit, or just Submit.

B. Submitted entered leave hours for approval by the supervisor:

Entering leave information

1. In the monthly grid section, select the date/day that your leave was taken, and click on the arrow in the Leave Type column to see your available leave plans. Select the plan you are using for the leave hours that you took.

2. To enter the hours that you used, tab to the Hours column or click on the correct date in the Hours column, and type in the number.  Do NOT press the Enter button because that will submit the hours without letting you enter a comment or continue to add additional leave hours.  Hours should be entered in whole numbers.  For example, if you are reporting a half day and you work 35 hours per week, you would enter 3.5 in the hours column.  If you are reporting a full day, then enter 7 in the hours column. 

Please note:  You cannot enter more than 1 leave plan for a single day. If you have split a day between, for example, vacation and personal hours, you will need to report one of the types on that day, and another on another day. You MUST enter a comment to explain what you are doing.  For example, if you used vacation and personal hours for June 5th, then you could choose the VE35 - Vacation 35 Hours FTE for June 5th, and enter 3.5 hours in the Hours column.  In the Columns section you could say something like "Personal hours listed in 6/6".  Then you would enter the PE35 - Personal 35 Hours FTE on June 6th, and enter 3.5 hours in the Hours column. In the Comments section you could say something like " Hours listed are for 6/5/15".

3. If you with to add a comment, then either tab to the Comment column, or use your mouse to click on the correct date in the Comments column. You can enter up to 30 characters in the column. Again, do NOT press the Enter button unless you have no other entries to add at that time.  If you don't enter a comment, then the comment field will be filled with a generic message for the leave typed selected.

4. If you have finished entering your leave hours, then you can either choose to send the hours for approval, or just submit the hours if you think that you have to change something, or if you want to check your calendar again before you send the hours for approval. Once you submit the hours, a status will appear in the Status of Entry column.

  • To send the hours for approval to your approver or supervisor, click on the box after the Submit to Leave Approver/Supervisor for Final Approval field, and choose Yes.
  • To save the hours that you entered, but not send the information to your supervisor, then press the Submit button.

Reporting no time taken

1. If you have not taken any time for the month, you need to select the NTW - No Time Taken for Month in the Leave Type column. 

2. You must use the first day of the month field, even if the first day is not a work day for you.

3. You must enter zero (0) in the Hours column. If you don't enter hours when a leave plan is chosen, you will receive an error message requiring you to add information.

Canceling an entry

You can only cancel entries that have a status and are not approved. You, therefore, could only select the box in the Cancel column if you made entries during a previous visit to the form, but have either not yet submitted those entries for approval, or, if you did submit the hours for approval, your supervisor has not already approved the hours.  Any entries made from a prior visit will be listed in date/days that they were entered with a Status of Entry value of Entered/Pending, Denied

If you have made an entry - but have not yet clicked the Submit button - and you wish to remove the entry, click on the Leave Type field and select the first line, which is blank. When you choose the blank line, the hours and any comments you may have entered will be cleared.

To cancel an entry that has a status, click the Check box in the Cancel column, and then click the Submit button.  On your next visit to the entry form, you will see that the Date & Day field is not highlighted, and the cancelled entry has been removed.

Please note again that any entries with an Approved/Apples to Leave Plan status cannot be cancelled or changed in any way.

Leave from campus employee inquiry

This process will allow you to view the Leave From Campus entries that have been made. You can choose to view all the entries or enter date parameter(s) to restrict the records that appear.

1. Click on the Leave From Campus Employee Inquiry link found in the Employee Profile.

2. You will see the same information that is displayed on the Leave Plan Summary menu item. From this form you can restrict which Leave records are selected by:

  • Entering a start date
  • Entering an end date
  • Entering a start and an end date

3. You can press the View Report button to see the actual entries you made, or change the date range before you do so.  In this example, no date changes were made, and the display lets you know that:

4. Press the Submit button to go back to the Employee Profile menu.

Approving leave entries

If you are an LFC Approver, you will need to access the LFC Approval Form.

Approving individual entries

1. From the Employee Profile menu on LOIS, select the LFC Approval Form link.

2. You will see the LFC Approval Form. This is where you will approve or deny leave entry records entered by employees. All LFC entries that have not be processed, and have a status of Entered/Pending will be listed on the form. Note: This could include multiple months, but ideally will only include records entered fro the previous months.

3. There are two statuses that can be applied to individual records.

  • A-Approved - This will apply the leave record to the employee's specific leave plan
  • D-Denied  - This will deny the leave record, and issue an email to the employee indicating that the entry was denied.

4. You can also enter comments for specific leave records. You can use a maximum of 30 characters.

5. The employee will receive an email indicating which leave records have been approved or denied. The status of the records assigned in this approval process will be reflected in the employee's LFC Employee Inquiry form as long as the supervisor has approved the leave records BEFORE the monthly cut-off date.

Approving all entries

To approve all records without having to select a status for each record listed, you can select Y-Yes in the Choose YES to Approve all entries above that are not Denied field. This will approve all records except those that have a status of D-Denied.

Leave from campus approver inquiry

This process will allow you to view the Leave From Campus entries that you have approved or denied. You can choose to view all the entries, or certain employee's records or enter date parameter(s) to restrict the records that appear.

1. Click on the Leave From Campus Approver Inquiry link in the Employee Profile section in LOIS.

2. You will see the list of people whose records you approve. Choose a person for your report by clicking on the Y-Yes, or choose Y-Yes in the Choose Yes to view all LFC Records for those listed above field to see all the records for all the people for whom you maintain leave records. 

3. You can choose to limit your report also by start date or end date by just entering the dates in the Start Date and End Date fields.  Press the View Report button. 

4. On the Leave From Campus Approver Review - Display page, you will see the leave report for the person(s) that you either approved or denied.  When you are done with the report, press the Submit button to go back to the Employee Profile menu.

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