Collaborate Ultra consists of several areas: 

  • Media Space: The content of the session is displayed here.
  • Session Menu: Open to navigate session information and tools.
  • Collaborate Panel: Engage with participants and modify your session settings.

Collaborate Ultra annotated image

Media Space 

The Media Space is where the content of the session is displayed. Content you share automatically becomes the main focus of your screen. The area is optimized to display a full screen experience for any screen size. Tools that appear in the media space relate directly to what is happening in the session at that moment, including turning your microphone or webcam on or off. When multiple people are using the webcam, you have the ability to switch between a grid view and a view that follows the speaker. With the follow-the-speaker view, the focus moves to the current speaker as the discussion unfolds. Collaborate Ultra switches to follow-the-speaker view automatically when there are more than five participants. 

Session Menu 

The Session Menu opens a collection of high level session actions and information, including details about the session, options for recording, connecting your phone for audio, and getting help. 

Collaborate Panel 

The Collaborate Panel allows you to engage other participants with all the collaborate tools. Users can access the chat, view participants, or change personal settings. Moderators and presenters may share content or poll the participants. 

User Interface Tour

The following video will provide an overview of the tool: Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience User Interface Tour