Topics in this article include:

Accessing Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra is available within your myLesley course or community. You may access it via the Tools area or by adding a link to it from anywhere in your course.

The Tools Area

To access Collaborate Ultra via the Tools area, click on the Tools button in your course menu.

Select Collaborate Ultra from the list of available tools.

Create a Link to Collaborate Ultra in Your Course Menu

To add a link to Collaborate Ultra on your course menu, click the Add Menu Item button at the top left corner of the course menu.

Give your link a Name and select Collaborate Ultra from the Type drop-down list. Make sure Available to Users is checked. Click Submit to save your changes.

Create a Link to Collaborate Ultra from a Content Area

If you are using the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool, you can add Blackboard Collaborate directly to your course content.

From the content area select Tools at the top of the page.

This will open a menu. Select More Tools to expand the menu.
 Select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

By default the link name is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. When you add Blackboard Collaborate to your course content, it links to the tool, not a specific session. 

Click Submit to save your changes and add the link.

The Course Room

The Course Room is an open Collaborate session dedicated to your course. This makes it easier for you to use Collaborate Ultra in your courses. It also provides you and your students a convenient launch point for classes or impromptu meetings.

To join the Course Room, navigate to Collaborate in your course, select your Course Room, and click Join Room.


The course room is on by default but can be turned off. To learn more, see Turn off the course room.

Create a New Session

To create a new Collaborate Ultra session, navigate to Collaborate Ultra within your course. Click the Create Session (plus sign) button at the top of the page.


You will then be prompted to enter the event details for your session:

  1. Type a meaningful name for the session. This helps students find the right session. 
  2. Set the date and time the session starts and ends. You can choose to keep a session open or repeat. You can also select if students can enter the session before the start time. 
  3. Type a detailed description of the meeting. This helps students prepare for the session. 


Optionally, open Session Settings and decide if users can:
  • Download recordings 
  • Share profile pictures 
  • Use audio, video, chat, and editing tools 
  • Use their phone for session audio 

Click Save to save your changes.

View Session Recordings

Record your sessions so that your students can access presentations whenever they need them. Recorded sessions are saved as MP4s. Recordings include audio, any content shared or active speaker video, and the captions entered during the live session.

Note: If you want users to download the recordings, you MUST allow session recording downloads for each session. 

To view or download recordings, navigate to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool and select the tool menu. 

Select Recordings for a list of all recordings.

For more information on recordings, see Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Session Recordings.