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Record Sessions

View and Download Recordings


Moderators can record a session to view later, send to those unable to attend the session, or save for archival purposes. Recordings capture the audio, video, and any content that is shared during a session. Recordings also capture any real time captions or subtitles available during the session. If there are more than one captions available during the session, the recording will capture only the first one. Recordings do not capture private chat messages, the timer, personal notes, or anything that occurs in a breakout room

Record Sessions

To start recording, open the Session Menu.
screenshot of collaborate session menu

From the Session Menu, select Start Recording. The recording camera appears on with a red dot while recording is in progress. 
screenshot of start recording button

To finish recording, open the Session Menu and select Stop Recording
screenshot of stop recording button

You can start, stop, pause, and resume recording at any time during a session. You also can erase a recording and start over.

For more information see Record Sessions.

View and Download Recordings

Recorded sessions are saved as MP4s and include audio, any content shared or active speaker video, and the captions entered during the live session. 

Please note the following:

  • If your session had more than one caption track, only the first available one is captured. 
  • Only moderators can record sessions. 
  • Everyone can view the recordings from any device as often as they want. There are no view limits. 
  • Recordings need to be converted into a playable format before viewing. The first time a recording is accessed the conversion begins. It may take a few minutes but once is has been done the recording can be viewed by everybody.

Note: If you want users to download the recordings, you MUST allow session recording downloads for each session. 

To view or download recordings, navigate to myLesley, go to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra  and select the tool menu. 

screenshot of collaborate menu within myLesley

Select Recordings for a list of all recordings.

screenshot of recordings area

Locate your recording and click on the menu button to the right.

screenshot of recording menu button

This will open a menu.

screenshot of menu options

  • Select Watch Now to watch your recording
  • Select Download to download your recording
  • Select Copy Link to copy the link to send via email or post in myLesley

For more information, see Session Recordings.