Topics in this article include:

Accessing Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra is available within your myLesley course or community. You may access it via the Tools area or by a link in your course menu or a content area. If you are unsure how to access your Collaborate Ultra session, please ask your instructor or the session organizer. 

The Tools Area

To access Collaborate Ultra via the Tools area of your course, click on the Tools or Course Tools link in your course menu.

screenshot of a sample myLesley course menu

Select Collaborate Ultra from the list of available tools.

screenshot of Tools area of course with callout to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Access Collaborate Ultra in Your Course Menu

In some instances, your instructor may add a link to Collaborate Ultra directly in your course menu. 

screenshot of sample myLesley course menu with link to collaborate ultra

Access Collaborate Ultra from a Content Area

In some instances, your instructor may add a link to Collaborate Ultra directly in your course content / weekly sessions.
screenshot of link to collaborate ultra within a weekly session

The Course Room

The Course Room is an open Collaborate session dedicated to your course. This provides you and your classmates a convenient launch point for classes or impromptu meetings.

To join the Course Room, navigate to Collaborate in your course, select your Course Room, and click Join Room.

screenshot of course room link within a myLesley course

Join a Session

To join a Collaborate Ultra session, navigate to Collaborate Ultra within your course, select your session, and click the session title to join the room.

screenshot of Collaborate Ultra session link within myLesley

View Session Recordings

If your instructor has recorded your Collaborate session, you may view it at a later time. Recordings include audio, any content shared or active speaker video, and the captions entered during the live session.

To view or download recordings, navigate to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool and select the tool menu. 
screenshot of Collaborate Ultra menu within myLesley

Select Recordings for a list of all recordings.

screenshot of Recordings link

For more information on recordings, see Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Recordings.