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Join with a Link

Participate in a Collaborate Session

Join with a Link

Your instructor or session moderator may send you a link to join a Collaborate session. To join the session please do the following:

Install the Blackboard App for Students or the Blackboard Instructor App. You do not need to be enrolled in a myLelsey course in order to download the app or access the Collaborate session.

Open the link provided by your instructor or session moderator in your device's mobile web browser. Your instructor or moderator may email a session link or post it in a course or community.

You will be prompted to select the Blackboard app or the Blackboard Instructor app. Select the appropriate app.

screenshot of selecting a Blackboard app

Please note the following

  • Android users may need to select Join Session with Blackboard.
  • iOS users may be prompted to select Open in Blackboard if this is your first time launching a Collaborate session. 
  • If you don't have the Blackboard app installed, select Don't have the Blackboard app? on the login page. After you install the app, click on the Collaborate link provided by the moderator again.

You will join the session in one of the following ways:

  • If you're already logged in to the Blackboard app, you will be joined to the session automatically.
  • If you're not logged in to the Blackboard app, type your name and select Join as Guest
screenshot of Collaborate login screen

Participate in a Collaborate Ultra Session

You should be able to view and participate in a Collaborate session, regardless of your device. Use the controls to share video or voice, raise your hand, and chat with others. For more information, see Collaborate in the Blackboard App.