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Kaltura Errors


Kaltura Errors

We are currently experiencing issues playing older Kaltura videos in myLesley and are working with both Blackboard and Kaltura to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Not Found Error: 

Older, previously added Kaltura videos are giving a Not Found error. This is both for the creator of the video as well as others in the course.


If you are seeing a Not Found error on older Kaltura content, our recommendation is to re-publish the video in your course

Using the Mashup Tool:

If your content was added to your course via the Mashup Tool (ex Announcements, weekly folders/modules, Discussion Board, etc.), you may delete the video and re-add it via the Mashup Tool. Instructions for uploading a video via the Mashup Tool may be found here: Using the Kaltura Media Mashup Tool.

Course Media Gallery

If your videos are in the Course Media Gallery, you will need to un-publish the video and re-publish to the Media Gallery. For more information see Kaltura Course Media Gallery.

If you need assistance implementing these workarounds, please email