Installing Silverlight

In order to install Silverlight, please open a new web browser and go to

If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari, Choose the "Click to Install" Option and when prompted, Select Run.  Follow the Silverlight installation prompt until completed.  Note that if you are using internet explorer and you do not see the "click to to Install" option, it most likely means that Silverlight is already installed.  

If you are using a Browser other than internet explorer, you will most likely see the page below.  Select the appropriate OS and run the installation file once downloaded.

**If Silverlight is already installed and you are still having issues loading Colleague, you should try to completely uninstall Silverlight and then re-install it.  

Uninstalling Silverlight in Windows

To Uninstall Silverlight, open Control Panel, by typing "Control Panel" into the windows search bar, and Select "Uninstall a Program".  Scroll down until you find "Microsoft Silverlight".  Select it, right-click it and uninstall.  Select "Yes" if prompted to confirm.

Uninstalling Silverlight in OSX

To Uninstall Silverlight open Finder>Applications. Select Microsoft Silverlight and drag it into the trash bin.