If you are having issues accessing LOIS - even after you have changed your password - are you (or your device) capitalizing the first letter of your username? LOIS is very sensitive and sees the incorrect case as a different username.  Enter your username with all lower-case letters.

The username for LOIS is the username@lesley.edu format.

Try using a different browser to log in. However, do not use Safari since that browser doesn't work well with the LOIS login.

If you're having issues with Chrome, then try opening an incognito window.  If logging into LOIS works in an incognito window, then clear your browser's cache.

If you still can't access LOIS, then please take a screenshot of any error message that you are receiving, and send it to it@lesley.edu. Make sure that you include your name, Lesley username, and student ID number if possible.