Evaluators can cancel an evaluation that is in progress by clicking the name of the program in which they wish to cancel an evaluation. He or she should then choose the filter for the appropriate requirements and select Show everyone - all items (do not filter). For work submissions where an evaluation is in progress, a clock icon with a check mark will appear next to a View/Edit link. The Evaluator should click the View/Edit link, then click the red Cancel - Evaluate Later button in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.

The student will now be able to cancel the work submission and edit their work. In the Work tab of their DRF, the student should go to the requirement they need to edit and click the Cancel Submission button in the upper-right area of the page. Canceling the submission will unlock the work and allow the student to make changes and corrections before submitting the work again.

If your evaluation has already been completed, only an evaluation manager will be able to cancel the evaluation. If you are an evaluation manager you will be able to cancel the evaluation by accessing it through the evaluation manager tab.