Evaluators and Evaluation Managers may have the ability to add files (documents, audio, video, graphics, etc.) to their evaluations.  

Note: if the option does not display, your institution has decided not to use this feature for this particular DRF program. This setting is made on a program-by-program basis.

Files added during Evaluation become a permanent part of the evaluation history and reports, and can (optionally) be shared with the Authors. If work is sent back to the Author and is subsequently evaluated again, additional files can be added.

A maximum of 3 (three) files can be attached to any one Evaluation. The total size of all files associated with a single Evaluation cannot exceed 15MB.

To attach a file to an Evaluation:

In the file section indicated on the Evaluation page, click Browse.  The Browse File pop-up window loads.
Locate your file and click Open.  The file populates the file field in the Evaluation page.

A progress bar displays until the file upload is complete.  While the upload is in progress, you can choose to Cancel at any point.

Enter a meaningful Name for this file (maximum 100 characters).  If you do not enter a name, the file name displays by default

You will be able to rename the file at a later time.

(Optional) Use the check box to indicate whether or not this file should be Visible to Author (selected by default).

Evaluator added files ONLY appear for Authors when the Visible to Author checkbox is selected and after the Evaluator has recorded it as final and has released it to the Author OR the work is sent back as either a provisional evaluation or sent back directly to the Author for revision without a provisional.

In the Preview Evaluation page, if a file has been set to Not Visible to the Author then the file appears on reports (viewed by Evaluators, Evaluation Managers and Site and Group Coordinators) with an indicator that the file is NOT visible to the Author.

(Optional) To save the files to the evaluation history, click Save Draft or Preview.
To submit the evaluation results to Author, click Submit Evaluation Now.