The various Evaluation shortcut links at the top of the Evaluator home page provide quick access to submitted work requiring Evaluation in all DRF Programs to which you are assigned and have requirement and category visibility access.

You can view the queue of Evaluations awaiting activity for a MAXIMUM of 50 (fifty) Programs at a time.

Each such Program is described by Program Name. When a Program includes items currently requiring attention, that Program is annotated with a red exclamation point (!).

By default, the (!) does not include overall folio evaluations, no submission, or inactive subscriber submissions.

Use the check boxes at the top of the screen if you want to set your Display Preferences to Include overall folio evaluations(OFE), no submission required items and/or inactive (expired) authors.

When you select ANY of these optional displays, the red exclamation points (!) no longer appear on screen to distinguish those programs that have items requiring attention.

To select Programs to display

Click individual check boxes to select specific Programs to display (50 max).
Click Continue to generate the results.

LAT "remembers" your Program selections from one session to the next. If you always want to view work for the same Programs, you can check the box on the top left of your screen labeled do not display this screen in future searches. Once this box is checked, when you select a shortcut you will skip the screen that displays the program to select, and navigate directly to the display of items requiring attention. From that screen, you can always return to the Selection screen by clicking the More Display Preferences button.