Directions and a quick video for attaching and submitting work in Taskstream

If you have completed an assignment using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc., the following directions will help you upload it to Taskstream and submit for evaluation. 

1. Access your course or assignment.
2. Click the Attachments button in the Add toolbar at the top of your work area.
3. On the next page, click the orange Upload from Computer button, located on the left.
4. Either drag your files into the box, or click Add Files on the lower left to locate the file within your computer. To select multiple files, hold down the CTRL button as you select each file.
5. After you have selected your file(s), click Open.
6. Back in the attachments window, click the Start Upload button.
7. Once the upload is complete, click Upload and Close, and then Save and Return.
8. When you are ready to submit for evaluation, click the Submit Work button on the top right corner.
9. A pop up window will appear, which may ask you to select your Evaluator (If your school has it enabled). Once you have selected your instructor's name, click Submit for Evaluation. If you are not asked to select an Evaluator, you can proceed with submitting your work and adding optional comments.

Once your work has been submitted for evaluation, it will automatically be locked and a lock icon will appear next to it. This will prevent you from adding additional work, or editing existing work.


Attach and Submit from Watermark on Vimeo.