If you do not see your previous work...

It is likely that the program for your coursework in a previous semester has been made inactive by the Program Manager at your organization.

You can access your work and scores for these inactive programs by clicking Folios & Web Pages on the top menu bar. In the yellow box on the right side of the page, click the Access Inactive Programs button. This takes you to a list of your inactive programs, which have all of your original work attached. You can then open a read-only view of the program, or save it as an editable Presentation Folio.

You can also access any work you have completed in your Taskstream account by clicking Resources in the top menu bar. After clicking the Go to Mybrary link on the Resources page, you can see a list of all the work you have created in your account. However, you are only able to submit work for evaluation through the active programs you are currently enrolled in, which you can access from the Home page.