A guide to setting up a Windows 10 computer to use eduroam WiFi.


Windows 10

1. Go to the start menu and select Control Panel. If you don't see it in your start menu try typing it into your search field at the bottom of the start menu.

2. Select Network and Internet


3. Select Network and Sharing Center.


4. Select Set up a new connection or network.


5. Select Manually connect to a wireless network.


6. Enter eduroam for the network name all lowercase.  Pick WPA2-Enterprise for the Security type.  Then press Next


7. Select Change connection settings.

8. Select the Security tab.

9. Select the Setting button. 


10. Select AddTrust External CA Root.  Then click Configure


11. Deselect Automatically use my Windows login… and then click OK.

12.   Select Advanced settings. 


13. Select Specify authentication mode and choose User authentication.  Then click Save credentials


14. Enter your Lesley username and password.  Make sure you add the “@lesley.edu” as this is required for the login to work.


15.  Close the windows pressing OK on the first, OK on the second and Close on the last.

16.  Open your Wireless setting from the system tray and choose to connect to eduroam.