A guide to setting up an Android device to use eduroam WiFi. 

1. Connect your device to a WiFi network or cell provider so you can download the Certificate file.

2. In a web browser on your device go to https://livelesley.sharepoint.com/:u:/s/IT/infrastructure/EY-AIoR5EEBCs9ZtB3OvyWYB1qtDQ0WEzPTmHdlI_iCLmA?e=FAQd9i 

3. If you are prompted enter your Lesley credentials to access the web page

4. Select download to save the file

5. When prompted enter Lesley as the Certificate name and change Used for to Wi-Fi and press OK.

6. Select eduroam from your WiFi list.

7. Make the following changes to the eduroam WiFi settings.  If your device does not show all of the options below look for an Advanced selection at the bottom of the page. See the picture below

  • Phase 2 authentication to MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate to Lesley
  • Identity to your username with @lesley.edu
  • Input your Lesley password

Choose Advanced if the options above do not show:

8.  Press Connect. You are now on the eduroam WiFi.