The Request Resubmission button will change the status of the assignment on the student's Dashboard from View Latest Submission (yellow) to Resubmit Assignment (red). It will also change the status on the Assignment Progress Bar and Submission & Grades area in the faculty's view from Awaiting Assessment (yellow) to Awaiting Submission (red).

1.     From the Dashboard, click the Assignment Progress Bar that corresponds with the assignment to be assessed.

2.     The Submission & Grades tab will open. This tab corresponds with the Assignment Progress Bar and displays the names of students identified as: Awaiting Submission, Awaiting Assessment, or assessments that have been Completed.

3.     Click on the assessed student's name.

4.     Click the Undo Assessment button located on the top right of the Submission & Grades tab.

5.     From the Awaiting Assessment list, click the student's name whose assessment was undone.

6.     Click the Request Resubmission button located on the top section of the student submission page.