Executing Informer reports through the Lesley VPN may not work the same as when you are on-campus.  If the report hangs and does not return results within the time you expect, use this workaround, which is to use the Schedules option. 


If you know in advance that you are going to need Informer-generated data while you are off-campus, you can preemptively create and save a schedule for applicable reports while you are on-campus.

If you need to run Informer reports from off-campus and were not able to create a schedule in advance, follow these steps from off-campus.  This differs slightly from the on-campus scheduling because you cannot save the schedule from off-campus but you can execute the report from the schedule.

  1. Go to the Report where you will end up on the Data or Report Template tab.
  2. Click on the Schedules tab.
  3. Click on New Schedule, located on the right, and you will end up on the Schedule tab of the schedule wizard.

  1. The schedule wizard/dialog box will open and you will land on the Schedule tab.
  2. Go to the Parameters tab and enter parameters, if required or as needed.
  3. Go to the Email tab
    1. Under Format update the multivalues handler option, as needed.
    2. Under Message Contents update subject or message body, as needed.
    3. Under Recipients, enter your email address and any other recipients, separated by comma. You must enter your email address even though "Send email to schedule owner" is selected.
    4. Click on Run Now