How to install the Check Point VPN Endpoint Security VPN in Mac OSX.

In most cases the VPN Client is not needed for VPN access.  Unless you have been told that your work requires the client please use the normal SSL VPN.  Instructions for using it can be found here Getting Started with Lesley VPN   

Download the Installer

  • Download the VPN intaller from SharePoint Here(Mac OSX VPN Client).  The following are instructions for doing so in Internet Explorer.  If you use a different browser the screen may look different.
  • You may be prompted to login to SharePoint if your browser is not already logged in.  Please use your full email address with
  • Click to Download Endpoint_Security_VPN.dmg
  • Click Allow to allow downloads from "" if prompted

Installing the Client

  • Click on Downloads in the lower right and then select Endpoint_Security_VPN.dmg

  • Click on Endpoint_Security_VPN.pkg
  • Click Continue to run the package.
  • Click continue on the Endpoint Installer
  • Click Continue on the License Agreement
  • Click Agree on the Terms
  • Click Install 
  • Click Install Software
  • Click Close on the Installer
  • To Finish the Setup we need to launch the VPN.  Fin the Lock Icon on your top bar and click it.  Then select Connect

  • Click Yes to Configure a new Site
  • Click Next on the Site Wizard
  • Enter into the Server address or Name Field, and then press Next
  • Click Trust and Continue
  • Leave Username and Password Selected and click Next.
  • Click Finish

Using the Check Point VPN Client


  • Once installed, The Check Point VPN Client lives in the system tray at the top of your desktop.  In order to Connect the VPN, click on the Lock icon and select "Connect".


  • The application will open and prompt you to login. Then Enter you username and password.
  • The Lock Icon will turn Green when connected.  To disconnect, click the lock icon and select disconnect.