You can easily invite guests into any Collaborate Ultra session. Your guests do not need to be enrolled in your myLesley course/community or even a member of Lesley University community! Some uses can include:

  • Invite a guest speaker to your class
  • Invite colleagues to an online meeting
  • Invite outside guests to an online meeting 

Collaborate Ultra is integrated into your myLesley course. But your guest does not need to be enrolled in your course in order to join the session. Instead, you will create a session (or use your existing course room) and send them a guest link. At the appointed time, your guest will click on the link and join your session. 

My meeting is not for a course

If your meeting is not affiliated with a specific course (such as a meeting with colleagues or outside guests), you may use your My Space course. Not seeing your My Space course on your My Courses tab in myLesley? See Customizing your My Course List.

Is your system compatible?

Before you begin, check the the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra system Requirements and Accessibility to make sure that your system is compatible. For the best experience, use the Chrome browser.

Get the guest link 

Once you have determined that you are using a supported browser and your system is compatible, either create a new Collaborate Ultra session or use your existing Collaborate Course Room.

Once your session has been created (or you decide to use your existing Course Room), click on your session to open the settings.

  • Check the box to allow guest access
  • Select the appropriate guest role (moderator, presenter, or guest)
  • Copy the guest link.

Check the option to allow guest access, select the guest role (moderator, presenter, guest) and copy the guest link

Share the link

Paste the guest link into an email and send the email to your guests. You should also include a link to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra system Requirements and Accessibility. This will help your guests make sure that their system is compatible. 

Your guest speaker will click the link you sent and join the session. Once the session launches, they should check their audio and video settings to make sure they are working correctly. If they are using an external microphone, make sure the microphone is selected.