Form Not Opening on Tevera?

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If you open a form either from a link, within an assignment, or start one ad-hoc, it does not always load automatically. This can be due to a couple of things that will be discussed below.

Selecting a Program for the form

The most common reason a form won't load is that you, as the user, are associated to more than one program. This means you need to select the program the form is to be associated with.

  • To do this, click on the red text box next to Program: on the right, and pick a program from the dropdown.

Selecting a Subject

If you select a program and the form still does not load, you need to select a subject. This can be done the same way, but on the left of the page. Typically, you [Myself] or your supervisor/supervisee will be the subject of the document. 

Selecting an End Date

Some forms, like contracts or agreements, require an end date. When the selected end date occurs, the form and it's information is read as no longer valid, and it is inactivated. You will know if you need to select an end date for the form because it will be a selection required when you open the form.

  • Select the start date and then the stop (end) date. Then click OK.

IMPORTANT: If you are not the form's subject, you must select the program the subject is associated to, or they will not be able to see the document and the form will get 'stuck' in the system. So if you are a site supervisor completing an evaluation about a supervisee in the School Counseling program, but you as the supervisor are in the School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health programs, you must associate the form/assignment to School Counseling. 

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