Completing Evaluations

Do you have to start an assignment or complete an evaluation on a student?

1. To complete an evaluation or assignment on a student you will start in the Supervision environment.

2. You will then go to the Assignments workspace. 


3. In the Assignments workspace, you will select the correct class in the drop down. 


4. In the assignments grid, you will be able to start any assignment that has a Plus as the icon in the grid or a double blue plus icon on the far right. 


  • If there is not a plus sign, you can change the way the assignment is set up to allow you to start it. To change the way the assignment is set up, click on the name of the assignment. 


  • You will then go through the details of the assignments to the Completed By section. You will change it to Faculty. Once you select faculty, the plus icon will appear, and you will be able to start the assignments/evaluations by clicking on the plus icons.