General Form Information on Tevera

Modified on Thu, 16 Mar 2023 at 10:58 AM

General Form Information

Form Name

  • All forms have a name in the system. When we build the form, we give it a name that is applied to every instance of that form that is created. You can change the name of the form by clicking on the name and editing it. 

Form Number

  • All forms have a number in the system. We assign a number to the form when we build it, and it is consistent for every instance of the form that is created. You are not able to change the form number. 

Document Type

  • All documents in Tevera have a document type. You can sort by document types within the database. 

Start and Stop Dates

  • You can create start and stop dates for a form. If you only want forms to be used during a specific time period, you can designate that by selecting start and end dates. 

Form Associations

  • About - all forms in Tevera are about a user, or a site. Forms can only be about a single user or site. The person that the form is about will always have access to this form. When you look up a form, it will be saved under the person who it is about. 
  • Program - all form instances in Tevera have to be associated with a program, and they can only be associated with one program. 

Document Icons - all forms have the same icons available at the top of them. 

  • Upload icon - You can upload attachments to the form by using this icon. 
  • Quotation Mark icon - This icon will allow you to add notes on the form. 
  • Sharing Icon - If you want to share a document, you can do so with this icon. 
  • Printer Icon - You can download and print the forms with this icon
  • Information Icon - In this icon you can see all the properties of the form. 

Filling Out a Form

  • Required vs. Not Required - Fields on a form that are required to be filled out before the form is submitted are designated in red. Fields that are optional are designated in blue. 
  • Auto Saving - all of our forms auto save as you complete information. You never have to save forms, they will save as you type into them. 

Signing and Locking Forms

  • When you sign a form, it will lock all of the fields above the signature. This is so that the form cannot be edited after you have signed it. 
  • When we build forms, we designate each signature on the form with the type of user that signs that line. That way when users are completing forms, they are only able to sign the lines that are applicable to them. 
  • If you need to edit a form after you have signed it, you can delete your signature, and the form will unlock. 

Copy a Form

  • You are able to create copies of a form by clicking the i icon at the top of the form, then selecting the copy button. When you copy a form, it will make a copy of all of the information, but it will not include any signatures from the original form. 

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