I need to fill out a Dependent Verification Worksheet. Can you give me tips on how to complete it?

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The Dependent Verification Worksheet is a document the Financial Aid Office sends to you if you've been selected for a process called “verification.” The U.S. Department of Education selects applicants for this process when it wants us to confirm the information submitted on a FAFSA. To do that, we use the information you submit on the Dependent Verification Worksheet.

Did you submit a Dependent Verification Worksheet but were notified that it has an incomplete status? Check below for the most common mistakes made when filling out this form.

  1. Section B Needs More Information
    • Parents and Enrollment status must both be noted on the Dependent Verification Worksheet for it to be complete.
      1. List the names of each member of your household, their relationship to you, their age, and their college enrollment status. Do not leave a space blank. If someone isn’t enrolled in college, enter “N/A” in the “College Enrollment” column, and “No” in the “Will Enroll at least half-time” column.
    • The highlighted checkboxes below must indicate your parent’s marital status.
      1. For example, if your parent(s) remarried, check the “Married or Remarried” check box beneath the table providing your household’s college enrollment information.

Example of correctly completed Section B:

Dependent Verification Worksheet Part B 

  1. Missing Part of or All of a Section
    • For the Dependent Verification Worksheet to be complete, all sections of the form need to be filled out. Please make sure that each section of the form (A – E) has all necessary boxes checked or information entered. In sections ‘C’ (Parent Income) and ‘D’ (Student Income), only one box needs to be checked.

Example of correctly completed Section C, and Section D:

Dependent Verification Worksheet Part C

Dependent Verification Worksheet Part D 

  1. All Verification Documents Need a “Wet” or Handwritten Signature on ‘Section E’
    • For compliance reasons, the Dependent Verification Worksheet needs to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office with a handwritten signature. You can do this by taking & uploading a photo of the signed last page or scanning a copy of the signed last page.

Example of correctly completed Section E, signed by both the student and one parent:

Dependent Verification Worksheet Part E 

  1. How do I get my completed Verification Worksheet to the Financial Aid Office?

If none of these issues apply to your Dependent Verification Worksheet, submit a ticket to the Support Hub so we can help.

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