If you don't remember your password for LOIS, myLesley, Lesley email or for your network login, you can reset your password yourself at Lesley University's self-service password management - myPassword - page, if you have already created your profile.  If you have not set up a password profile, you can email IT at it@lesley.edu to have your password set to the default. You can also contact the IT Help Desk by phone at 617-349-8770. Once the password has been set to the default, you can use the Change my Password section to change the password. You can't use the default to log into any other Lesley system.


1.  Go to https://mp.lesley.edu and click on Reset my Password.


2. You will be brought to a captcha image page. Type in the characters and press the Verify Captcha button. (Captcha images are not case sensitive.)


3.  Enter your username (do not include the @lesley.edu portion of your username) and press the Logon button.


4.  You will be prompted to fill in the answers to the profile questions you chose. These questions will come up one at a time.  Once you have filled in the answer, press the Submit button.


5.  Once you've chosen and correctly answered the three profile questions, you will be brought to the Reset Password page.


6. The default choice is to enter your own choice of password, making sure that your password meets the password rules at the top of the password page. In the Password and Confirm fields enter the new password that you want to use, and then press the Submit button.

7. If you were successful in resetting your password, you will get a message letting you know. Press the OK button.

8. If you wish to have the system generate a new password for you, choose the circle before Generate, and press the Generate button. If you don't like the password that comes up, press the Generate button until you get a password you like. Once you like the password that is generated - and have noted the password somehow - click on the Submit button near the bottom of the page.



9. If you were successful, you will see the following message.