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Using the Kaltura Media Mashup Tool

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About Kaltura Media

Kaltura is a media sharing platform, allowing users to share media in a secure environment. It is integrated into myLesley, allowing faculty and students the opportunity to share video content privately or with others in the course.

The Kaltura Media Mashup tool allows you to add video content anywhere in your myLesley course, such as an item, assignment, Discussion Board post, blog post, etc. 

Kaltura should be turned on by default in your myLesley course. If you are not able to access the tool, see Enabling Kaltura in a Blackboard Course.

To upload to Kaltura from a mobile device, see 
Uploading to Kaltura from a Mobile Device.

Using the Kaltura Media Mashup Tool

From the text editor, click on the Mashup button and select Kaltura Media.

This will take you to the My Media area. The MyMedia area is where all of your Kaltura videos are stored. From here, you may select a previously added video, upload a video, record from your webcam, or capture your screen.

Select an Existing Video

To select an existing video, locate the video in your MyMedia and click the Select button next to the video.

Upload a Video

To upload a video, click on the Add New button.

Select  Media Upload.

This will open a new window. Click Choose a File to Upload to locate a file on your computer.

Once you have selected your video, click Upload to upload your video to Kaltura. Depending on the size of your file and your connection speed it may take several minutes to upload. Once your video has uploaded, you will  be prompted to edit the title and (optionally) add tags and a description. Once you have finished, click Save.

Click Back to Browse and Embed to return to your My Media. 

Click the Select button next to the video you just uploaded to embed it in your course.

Record from Webcam

Please note that the Webcam Recording tool relies on older technology. Due to updates in browsers, Flash may no longer be supported. If you are unable to run Flash on your browser, see Creating a Webcam Recording with Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite

To record from your webcam, click on the Add New button.

Select Webcam Recording

This will launch the Record From Webcam function and the Adobe Flash Player Settings window should appear. Select Allow to enable your webcam. 

The webcam should now display a video signal. Click anywhere in the window to begin recording from your webcam. When you have finished recording, click anywhere in the window to stop recording. Once you have finished recording you may save, continue recording or play back your recording. When you are satisfied with your video, click Save.

Enter your video details including the video name and (optional) description and tags. Once you have finished, click Save. Please note that you will need to save the video first by clicking the Save button on the video feed. Once you have entered your video details, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once your changes are saved, click Back to Browse and Embed to return to your My Media.

Click the Select button next to the video you just uploaded to embed it in your course.

Once you have selected, uploaded, or recorded your video, you will  be brought back to the text/content editor in your item. You will notice a thumbnail of the video as well as any media information. If you wish, you may add additional text to your item. 

Click Submit at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Additional Resources

Webcam Recording Tips

The following guide provides some tips for recording video from your webcam: Webcam Recording Tips.

My Media

The Kaltura My Media area is a private space where media content may be uploaded and managed. From the My Media area you may edit your videos' options, create clips from your videos, delete videos, and more. For more information, see Kaltura My Media.

Course Media Gallery

The course Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content for a specific course. In order to appear in the course Media Gallery, media must be specifically assigned to the gallery. For more information, see Kaltura Course Media Gallery.

CaptureSpace Lite

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite is a presentation production tool that allows users to record any combination of their screen, voice and webcam. Features include: the ability to pause your recording, activate drawing tools, edit the video after recording as well as add titles and credits. CaptureSpace Lite is a standalone application, which means it can be used even without an internet connection. All recorded presentations can be easily uploaded to your my Media library in myLesley with just one click. For more information, see Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite.

Kaltura Mobile

You can easily upload video from your mobile device to your myLesley course using Kaltura Media. Login to myLesley using your device's browser and navigate to the area in the course where you wish to upload a video (ex Discussion Board, Blog, etc.). For more information, see Uploading to Kaltura from a Mobile Device.