About My Media

The Kaltura My Media area is a private space where media content may be uploaded and managed. From the My Media area you may edit your videos' options, create clips from your videos, delete videos, publish videos to the Course Media Gallery, and more.

To add a video to your course (such as an item, assignment, Discussion Board post, blog post, etc.), see Using the Kaltura Mashup Tool.

Accessing My Media

You may access your My Media from the myLesley Home tab or from a link in a course menu.

myLesley Home tab:

Course Menu:

Adding a Link to My Media in the Course Menu (faculty)

To add a link in the course menu to the My Media area, click the Add Menu Item button (+) at the top of the menu. 

This will open a menu. Select Web Link.

Enter a name for your link, such as My Media. For the URL, enter https://my.lesley.edu/webapps/osv-kaltura-bb_bb60/jsp/myMedia.jsp

Check the Available to Users box and click Submit.

Using My Media

Edit Video Options

You may edit your video options, including details (name, description, tags), collaborators, options (clipping and comments), and more. To edit your video, go to your My Media area and select the video you wish to edit. Click Edit.

This will bring you to the Edit area. Here you may preview the video, see the publishing status, and edit your video details and options.

Click the Details tab to edit details, such as the video title, description, and tags.

Click on the Collaboration tab to allow others to collaborate on your video.

Click on the Options tab to allow others to create clips of the video and to enable or disable commenting.

Click on the Captions tab to upload a captions file.

Click on the Thumbnails tab to create or replace the video's thumbnail image.

Click on the Trim Video tab to trim your video.

Once you have finished, click Save.

Create Clips

To create a clip of your video, locate your video in My Media and click to open. This will bring you to the video. 

Click the Actions button and select Create Clip.

Set the starting point and ending point of your video, complete the metadata, choose whether your video should be private or published, and click Create Clip to save your changes.

Publishing  to the Course Media Gallery

To add content to the course Media Gallery, select the video you wish to add. Click the Actions button and select Publish.

Select the course Media Gallery to which you would like to publish and click Save to publish your video.

By default, your instructor will need to approve the content before it is added to the course Media Gallery.

Download Your Media

To download a copy of your video, select the video and click Edit.

This will bring you into the editing area. Click the Download Media button on the top right corner of your video.

Delete Video(s)

To delete a video, navigate to your My Media and click the Delete button next to the video you wish to delete.


To delete multiple videos, click the box next to each video you wish to delete to select. At the top of the page, click the Actions button and select Delete.


To view analytics for a specific video (including number of views, average view times, people who viewed, etc.), locate your video in My Media and click to open. This will bring you to the video. 


Click the Actions button and select Analytics.

This will bring you to the Analytics area. Here you may view the total number of visits, number of views, drop off rates, average view time, and the top engrossed viewers.